What Can be painted with Electrostatic Paint:

Refinishing rather than replacing can save your customers a fortune in remodeling costs. This is not a paint job but a complete chemical coating finishing system. Electrostatic painting provides greater transfer effciency, producing little or no overspray. The coating wraps around the material sealing all edges and surfaces from corrosion.

Solid adhesion is the key, special surface preparation makes it perfect. The metal is cleaned, sanded and primed if necessary to insure perfect adhesion. The metal to be refinished is given a negative charge, the coatings are given a positive charge. The coating is pulled to the metal surface by the magnetic field. The coating dries to a factory baked finish as durable as it is beautiful.

Carrero Painting Inc. quality control assumes top priority on each job site. Every item being refubished is painstakingly prepared to ensure smooth, even results. Careful precautions are taken to leave each site in immaculate condition.

There are many factors to consider when painting the exterior of commercial or residential properties in Orlando: Seasonal weather changes, color compatibility with existing structural materials and maintaining a unified look with neighboring elements are all part of the professional painting checklist created by qualified Carrero Painting, Inc. staff.

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